Research theme

Omics-based Computational Biology and Medicine

Research keywords

Systems genetics, Systems epigenetics, Machine learning, Next-generation sequencing, Cancer genomics, Immunotherapy, Neurogenomics, Genome evolution, Epigenomics, etc.

What is systems genetics? 

(quoted from Science 331:1015)

The defining principle of systems genetics is understanding how genetic information is integrated, coordinated, and ultimately transmitted through molecular, cellular, and physiological networks to enable the higher-order functions and emergent properties of biological systems.

Why omics? 

(quoted from Omics Gateway)

Biology has become a data-rich subject, with genome-scale studies occurring in all fields. Ever since the rise of genomics, the suffix ‘-omics’ has been added to the names of many fields to denote studies undertaken on a large or genome-wide scale. Omics is a general term for a broad discipline of science and engineering for analyzing the interactions of biological information objects in various ‘omes’. 

The main focus is on: 

1) mapping information objects such as genes, proteins, and ligands; 

2) finding interaction relationships among the objects; 

3) engineering the networks and objects to understand and manipulate the regulatory mechanisms; 

4) integrating various omes and omics subfields.